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Can I purchase uni-colored bags of M&M's in the supermarket, or do I have to order them online?  I'd like to buy red and shimmery gold ones for Christmas cookies...  Can you think of any stores that may carry these uni-colored bags?

I'm pretty sure I've seen them sold this way in the past...  I'm in Mexico until Wednesday, so I can't go check until then and I need to make a decision about ordering.

TIA :)

Re: M&M's

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    Hmm, I think some candy stores may do it that way
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    Around the holiday they always have the bags of red and green M&Ms...not sure about gold.

    I think some candy storese have them, too. 
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    If you can get to Vegas, Orlando, or NYC there is M&M World stores there, that have all the colors in bins so you can buy whichever colors you want and make your own mix... otherwise, you might be best off special ordering.
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    I've seen individual bags at Walmart, in the 'gourmet candy' section.

    I'm sure they're not cheap, but if you only need 2 little bags, then it's worth it.
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    You can get them at Walmart and Michaels.  Walmart sells an 8oz. package for about $4.50. Michaels sells a 7 oz. bag for $6.00.  They're actually cheaper than ordering them from the M&M's website.
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    Michaels has them.

    This site has coupons for Michaels and a lot of other places:
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    We have a Party City, and they have all the containers of each color that you can buy by the pound or half pound. Check specialty party stores to find the colors you are looking for.
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    I think it depends on the store.  I have seen a M&M station in one store, and it had maybe 15 different colors.  Like others have said, I am sure candy stores have them set up--I know they have Jelly Belly's
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