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Hi everyone,

I saw on a different board that it depends which state you live in how the name change process works.  How long does it take in NY?  I thought you get the marriage certificate right away but do you have to wait for it to receive it in the mail?  Once you have it how long would it take to change your name and get a new passport and drivers license?  We may do our honeymoon two months after the wedding so I want to know if I would be able to make the name change in time or if I should wait (I don't want to wait!)

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Re: Name Change Process in NYC

  • If you're taking his name you can change your name on your SS, license and passport once you have received your marriage certificate (which you'll receive about 2wks after the wedding).  I believe your SS can be changed at the actual office (check online), your passport, however, will take awhile.  If you need to get a new passport keep in mind that it takes 4-6weeks or you can have it expedited (2weeks).  I would honestly wait until after the honeymoon since you'd be cutting it pretty close.  Once your SS and passport have been changed you can take these to have your license changed (check online for all required documents).
  • You can change your drivers license with the marriage certificate once it arrives. My passport to 6-8 weeks. The certificate must be mailed to them and they will return it. Most people change items in this order 1 social security 2 drivers license 3 passport 4 credit cards/ bank at the same time. Some need to see the certificat or copy of.
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