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monogrammed wedding stuff, not changing name

Hello everyone!

Not sure if this is the right board but it seemed like the best fit.

I am in my 30s and this is my first (and only!) wedding. I'm a professional woman who loves her career and I've spent a lot of years networking, making connections, and pursuing professional development. I'm also stubborn, contrary, a staunch feminist, and love my name. Long before I met FI, I knew I'd never change my name.

Well, then I fell in love with the most amazing man and I realized that although I have no desire to legally change my name, I wouldn't mind being a Mrs as much as i always thought I would. Professionally and legally, I'll stay the same. But I have NO problem with being known as Mrs S***** socially. Our children will have his name and I figure friends will probably call us Mr and Mrs S******. I'm not going to fuss over this like some women do.

My question- I've been seeing all this gorgeous monogrammed stuff for weddings. Cupcake picks (we're doing cupcakes instead of cake), a big flower petal monogram on the aisle, etc. Is it weird/tacky/inappropriate to use the S monogram when my name will always be an A? Opinions on this? (not on the not changing my name- I've been through that argument and don't prefer to discuss it anymore, my decision is final on that).

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