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The rules here (definitely not WR)

This is off-topic to this message board, but I wanted to ask about this here because I know how heated some of the discussions can get and often result in staff intervention.

I volunteer my time at a another forum. Our rules are notoriously relaxed, but strictly enforced when needed. They're also pretty basic... No flaming, No spamming, no illegal material etc.
No less than 3 other forums have actually requested to use our Forum Rules, either verbatim or as a guideline when creating their own forums. Not gunna lie, I'm very proud of that, even though I wasn't the one who originally wrote the rules.

The latest drama was caused when someone broke a rule in the advertising section. It somehow blew up into a huge deal.

My question is, when is it okay to make exceptions to forum rules?

And, a question for the moderators or any of the staff members (even if you work at another forum), do you often get complaints about the rules? If so, which ones? And what do you usually say?

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