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Sorry for using the board for a non-wedding post but I figure the New York ladies may be able to help me with some suggestions for a weekend trip!! I am getting together with my bridesmaids for a weekend in the city this month and we are staying at a hotel on 77th on the Upper West Side. Any suggestions on fun things to do/nightlife?? Also, we usually do one really nice dinner so any suggestions would be much apprecaited. It does not have to be on the UWS either, we can always get a cab or take the subway. If it helps we are all between 21 and 24!

Thanks ladies!!!

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    I wouldn't reccomend staying in the upper west to go out at night. I live in that area and its more residential  than trendy. Being on the west side though you will have an easy commute to the Meatpacking district. Thats where you should do your dinner and nightlife. For dinner Buddakan is a lot of fun, great food and has a nice trendy NYC vibe. There are tons of bars and clubs within blocks so you can just walk around from there. 

    I would suggest however having brunch in the Upper West...if you're looking for something more relaxed then I would try either Sarabeth's or Good Enough to Eat. If you're up for it, there's a "Bottomless Brunch" at the Sunburnt Calf on 79th near Broadway. Its around $25 a person and includes mimosas, bloody mary's, etc. They have a website if you want to check them out. They have a sister restaurant downtown called The Sunburnt Cow so make sure you don't get them confused if you are making a reservation. Have a great weekend!
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