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Advice needed on wedding bands

Hi all!  My fiancee and I are trying to choose between our final list of wedding bands for our November 2012 wedding and would really appreciate some input.  We are choosing between Hank Lane (the "J. Lamont Band"), Vali Entertainment (the "Right Mix" band) and Marianne Bennett Orchestras (the "Groove Society" band).  Does anyone have any experience, knowledge or thoughts about any of these, or how they compare?  We'd really like a lively, fun wedding, with an eclectic, solid sound.  All input would be much appreciated - thanks!!!!

Re: Advice needed on wedding bands

  • Hands down, Vali is the way to go!
  • Please let me know what you decided. I'm starting to look at bands and find it dtresssful. Can you tell me a little more about pricing at Hank Lane? Thanks!
  • Hi Meg - We still haven't decided, but I will let you know when we do.  The Hank Lane pricing we were given is in the $10k-12k range (depending on what we do for ceremony and cocktail hour).  I imagine it may be less for less pieces (we are looking at 10 pieces), and it also may vary higher or lower by band (they have quite a few of them).  Your best bet would be to contact them and see what they quote you for the band they recommend based on your needs and musical tastes.  I totally agree the whole search is uber stressful - made more so by the fact that few bands and companies in NYC let you actually see them play live anymore before you book!  Let me know what you decide too or if you learn of something interesting during your search!
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    We selected 747 Orchestra for our wedding.  They did an AMAZING party for us. The songs are most definitely not what most of the others play and the dance floor was busy all evening. They were our BEST vendor pick. Their Rand B and Motown sounds are so authentic and they also did lots of pop music, my hubbie wanted that.They were priced exactly right and gave us a jazz trio cause we booked on the spot

  • Did you make a decision on a band yet? Has anyone heard or seen the J.Lamont Band?

  • We booked the J. LaMont band, but I'm nervous because we can't see them live.  Anyone seen them???? 
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    Here it is 2014 and my daughter is looking at bands for her wedding.  She is choosing between Right Mix (Vali), Eric Marshall (Hank Lane) and Charles St. Paul (Star Talent)  Curious to learn which band the above chose?

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