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officeops rooftop in brooklyn?

Has anyone heard of anyone who got married on the roof at OfficeOps? It sounds so nice and affordable. The only issue big issue is their back up indoor space doesn't accommodate our numbers 250plus if it rains...
ideas? Suggestions?

Re: officeops rooftop in brooklyn?

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    I know you wrote this forever ago, but  no one responded and I stumbled on it so....

    I considered this space too. I don't think there is anything you can do. Moreover, that indoor space is only cooled with large industrial fans. You take the risk.

    If you're looking for an affordable outdoor space, have you considered Roberta's? It's not too far from OfficeOps. Or Tutus on Bogart- I don't know if they do weddings, but it can't hurt to check...and if the space is the same as when it was The Morgan, it's huge. There was an outdoor space when it was The Morgan too- not sure if it's cleaned up or anything though.

    If it's all about the roof for you- and a majority of your guests will be driving or using car service (access from subway is a little tricky- they can explain), perhaps Ten Ton in the Navy Yards.
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