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Went to a vow renewal today.

Warning: I'm posting and passing out! DH and I and the baby went to a vow renewal today. The couple: DH's grandparents. Today was their 65th wedding anniversary. They have been through the births of their six kids, the passing of a child, the weddings of their children and many of their 23 grandchildren and they will gave 30 great grandchildren by the end of the summer. The renewal was at the end of a Latin Mass and the present they wanted was to be with their family and friends at church followed by a lovely brunch. Some people think that after a few years the renewal of vows is a reason for a PPD, but THIS is why you renew your vows and when it's appropriate. And there is something so moving about watching a woman in her 80s who NEVER cries get moved to tears as she held her husband's hand while they were blessed by the priest.

Re: Went to a vow renewal today.

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    That's beautiful!
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    aww that sounds beautiful!!!
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    I felt that way at my grandparent's 50th vow renewal...

    I can only hope to be as happy as they were at theirs.

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    That is so sweet. I hope we're still that happy after 65 years together.
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    So sweet!
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    This post made me teary eyed!
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    That's sounds so perfect, and exactly what a VR should be.  
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    That's very sweet (and entirely appropriate!). 
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    That sounds so lovely. How lucky they are to have been together for 65 years!
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    That sounds really nice and touching.

    I'll always have really good memories of my grandparents' vow renewal for their 50th.
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    That's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I love hearing about a true VR and the love and years that went into it. :)
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    I tried to "like" your post :-D

    My parents did theirs on their 40th, and it was beautiful and moving.  Like your grandparents-in-law, all they wanted was to be with their family and friends and celebrate 40 years together.  Thank you for sharing about their day, it sounds like it was beautiful and meaningful and, well, everything a VR should be.
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    Aww that is so wonderful!! I did the exact same thing yesterday, except it was my parent's 25th wedding anniversary! They did a vow renewal at the end of mass, and the family went out for a nice dinner after.

    My parents don't cry often, and it was so lovely seeing them get teary and fill up with emotion as they reaffirmed their vows.

    Let me just say- I was a MESS during it. I was crying harder then both of them, haha!
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    mica178mica178 member
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    That sounds so sweet, banana.  H recently went to his uncle and aunt's 50th anniversary/VR, and it was supposed to be wonderful.  I hope we still have some mental capacity when we reach that milestone.
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    Aww, so sweet.  My grandparents didn't do a vow renewal, but I remember their 50th anniversary party and it's so great to see two people that much in love after so many years. 
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    That's wonderful.  In truth, that's how I feel weddings should be as well.  The whole wedding industrial complex circus that has become the norm makes me sad.
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    cpfwvucpfwvu member
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    Are you saying your husband's grandmother didn't wear a full-length ballgown and tiara and have a wedding party of 16?! Or send out invitations with "cash only" engraved on them?

    Seriously, it sounds beautiful and just the way it should be. :)

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    That's lovely and so touching. I'm actually sad that only one set of my grandparents made it to their 50th (I think they ended up making it to around their 65th, before my grandfather passed away).
    My dad's dad died before they'd celebrated 50 years together. I know my grandmother gets misty-eyed occasionally about it.

    But, THAT'S definitely what renewals are about. I'd love to see my parents do one, maybe at their 45/50th (wait - this year is their 45th).
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    banana, i couldnt agree more.

    interesting how with folks marrying later in life now, some of these milestones might be difficult to reach - not because of divorce, but simply old age.  for H and I to reach 65 years, he'd be 100 and id be 97.
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    Yeah Calypso, I was thinking that too. If Dh and I reach 50, we'll be well into our 90s so it's unlikely we're ever going to see that.
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    I forgot to mention that GMIL wore a white gown and had all the female grandchildren as attendants.  ;-)

    Yeah - after seeing so many  "But we've been through sooo much in our 3 years!" posts along with people who just want to validate a PPD, this was such a warming occasion to witness. 

    I said to DH in the car, "I hope we're like that through our marriage." 

    It's not often that you see a couple still IN love with each other after so long.
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