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Shower/Invites Question

Hey Everyone, I've got a question about invitation timing.  My MOH is throwing me a bridal shower Jan 30th, and is wanting to get out the invitations asap.  I am just giving my calligrapher my list of addresses today, hoping she can get them done fast enough to send them out next week (the actual wedding invitations, not shower invites).  Would it be bad for the bridal shower invites to go out before the wedding invites, or does it not really matter since they'll probably be about a week apart? I think she's afraid if she waits until the wedding invites go out it won't give people enough notice.

Thanks! :)

Re: Shower/Invites Question

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    If the shower is on the 30th, the invites should be in the mail now. You need to give people time to reply.

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    I don't see it being a problem as long as everyone who gets a shower invite also gets a wedding invite.  They may wait to make sure they get a wedding invite before sending their RSVP to the shower, though.  I would.
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    She should send out the shower invites asap at this point (it would have been best to have sent them out already, but can't help that now). You're not giving people much notice on the shower as it is so waiting even a week isn't a good idea.

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    My shower had to be early since it was the only time I could come home, so the invites definitely went out before the wedding ones.

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    Alright, thanks everyone.

    Nope, didn't send STDs.  I wish I had but I waited too long and then it was sort of pointless.  I guess now that I really think about it, the people invited to the shower would already know they're invited to the wedding, so it shouldn't be an issue for anyone.
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