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Who gets listed on the invitation?

I know I have plenty of time to think about this but it stresses me out.  Here is the cliff notes.

My parents are divorced and both remarried.  My father is not contributing towards the wedding at all.  At least not to my knowledge he has not mentioned anything.

We are splitting the cost of the wedding 3 ways with grooms parents and also with my mom and step dad. 

I would like to do just the generic wording together with their parents. 

However is it rude not to recognize FIL's and my mom and step dad since they are contributing a lot of money towards our wedding? 

If I have FIL's and my mom and step dad on the invites I also can't make it look like my father is non existent. 

Should I ask my mom/step dad/FIL's if they would be okay with the wording together with their parents?  I don't want to piss anyone off. 

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