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inviting photographer?

Would it be weird to send an invite to my photographer? Or any other vendors for that matter?

Re: inviting photographer?

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    I sent an invite to my photographer, but it was only so she could take pretty pictures of it.

    The only other "vendor" that received an invitation was the officiant.

    Why would you?  We needed to know meal choices, but I just emailed and asked.

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    no need to send the photographer an invite. it's pretty much assumed that he/she will be coming!! if you need to know meal choices, an email will suffice!
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    Ask your photographer.  Ours asked for one so that he could take pictures of it.  He told me that he'll return it when he's done so that we can have it for a memento.  
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    No photographers don't usually get invitations unless they are also invited guests (friends that would normally be invited)
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    thanks everyone!
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