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*knocks on the door of E* Anyone home?


Re: *knocks on the door of E* Anyone home?

  • Hey Poli!

    Glad to see you  made it out here safe and sound! Welcome to June Gloom, August edition. :P Seriously, it's been the coldest summer in 40 years or something. Blech.

    Yay for apartment and job and being happy! I love the city and will miss it terribly when we eventually move to the 'burbs. What neighborhood are you in? We're in West Portal and it's awesome. :)
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  • Hey there, Bubba! :) The job that I found has locations surrounding Pac Heights, which is where my parents lived when I was first born and where I've always wanted to live. We found an awesome place right in the Fillmore District!

    I almost hesitated before typing that because who knows who's reading this, but then again, there are 800,000 people in the city, many of whom have short blonde hair, bearded husbands, and a penchant for minidresses with tights ;) I figure it'd be hard to find me!
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