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What is the proper shower etiquette? My cousin is throwing me a shower in a couple of weeks, and a week later a lady from my parents' church will throw me another shower. As the bride, what is expected of me? I know I'm supposed to help with the guest list, but my mother is micromanaging the shower from the lady at church so I've not actually spoken with the hostess myself. Should I get the hostess a gift? Any thoughts here are greatly appreciated.

Re: Shower etiquette

  • The only thing you need to do is give the list of people to be invited to each hostess. Yes, it very nice if you get each of the hostess a gift. Doesn't have to be anything big or fancy, just something to say you appreciate them throwing a shower for you. Gift cards are always a good choice or whatever their hobbies or interests are.

    And remember, if someone is invited to the shower, they must be invited to the wedding, no exceptions.
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    [QUOTE]And remember, if someone is invited to the shower, they must be invited to the wedding, no exceptions.
    Posted by MissySue20[/QUOTE]

    Normally I would agree with this part, but there are some circles where it is perfectly acceptable to have a church, work, etc. shower without the expectation of being invited to the wedding.
  • Not much is expected of you other than to show up and mingle with all of the guests. Yes, bring the hostess a gift and it's always nice if you stand up at the end and say thank you to the hostess for throwing your shower and to the guests for coming.

  • I actually sucked hardcore and forgot to have a gift for my shower hostesses. Embarassed I hope she wasn't too offended. Other than that, nothing is expected of you except to show up and look grateful.
  • JennaV26, your siggy picture is GORGEOUS! 

  • Thanks everyone, and I'll remember that about the shower attendees being invited to the wedding.
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