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I`m looking for Chinese Invitations in New York City

Hey brides...I`m looking for chinese/english wedding invitations. Something more american style with chinese and english writing. Thank you~

Re: I`m looking for Chinese Invitations in New York City

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    Well as far as the wriing - any invititaiton company can do both enlish and chinese.  You have to provide a transcript of the chinese and they will copy that and make the invitation. 
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    Agree with the other comment.  ALso, not sure what's your budget but we have had Event Remembered for our multi-langual invitations.  They have beautiful pocket invitations of all different styles.. Good luck!
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    Try Etsy, they have a lot of independence seller that can do both if you provide the file. 
    I thought about doing that but at the end of the day, we only have very few Chinese relatives so we just send everyone the American style invitation and include the bakery cards (I am sure you know what they are). 
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    jchow009-bakery cards, we`ll be getting a few of those too. I see a few places online, but I`m also looking for the store in queens or chinatown. Thanks ladies  :)

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    this place does invitations in Flushing:  I got mine from them and i loved it.  It has both chinese and english.  Was abot 4 dollars per invite.
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