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Looking for a Brooklyn/NYC "Bride Buddy" to help each other through the process

I just got engaged (secret for now) and have no idea how to do this whole wedding thing.  I'm learning a lot online, but I would love to have a “bride buddy” to call or email with questions and ideas  – someone getting married around the same time as me, in Brooklyn or greater NYC, with around the same budget as me. 

Here are my details:   I’m in my mid-30s, with a professional job, and I’m a first-time bride.  We’re planning to get married at City Hall and then have a reception for about 75 guests in Brooklyn or Manhattan.  I have a feminist and non-traditional approach to this whole thing – I’m not wearing an engagement ring, not changing my name, and there won’t be some of the “standard” things at my reception that I think are really lame (no first dance, no throwing the bouquet, etc.)  But I am down with the white dress, flowers, cake, save-the-dates, printed invitations, etc., although I prefer to go to indie/small shops for that stuff.  My budget is “medium” – I’m not broke and can splurge on some things, but Mr. Groom and I are paying for this ourselves and don’t want this to cost an arm and a leg.
 If this sounds up your alley, let me know and we’ll chat!

Re: Looking for a Brooklyn/NYC "Bride Buddy" to help each other through the process

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    Oops, forgot to mention timing - we're looking at late Sept or early Oct 2012 for the wedding.
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    Hi casyme, I'm kinda in the same boat so not sure how much help I'd be. I have a venue (in Brooklyn for ceremony and reception) and date (November 2012) but nothing else yet. I'm not into the traditional wedding either, but it sounds like mine will be more traditional than yours. Our wedding budget is also "medium" and we'll be paying ourselves. My goal is to get save the dates out soon... It's not until November but most people will be coming from afar. Have you started to look at venues? Why the secret engagement?
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    Hey Brooklyn brides!  If you haven't purchased your dress definitely check out The White Gown.  Though I didn't find my dress there (I ended up buying the dress in Florida, go figure), I had a wonderful experience!  My consultant was really sweet and I never felt pressured to buy.  For transportation, I would go with Romantique Limousines.  They were a bit pricier than the othe options but they were awesome!  They made sure to call me three days prior to the wedding to verify pick up times and locations.  On the day of, they helped coordinate all of us at the church and even helped fix my veil and dress prior to my entrance.  Definitely worth it!  If you guys need any other help send me a pm!  Good luck ladies!
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    Hi hbatch --

    We're "out" with our engagement now - we kept it secret only for the holidays so that we could just enjoy the holidays without having to talk about wedding plans the whole time.  It was a relief!

    I'm spending a lot of time on venues right now, since that's the most important to lock down.  We're looking at October 4 as our date.

    If anything comes up that you want to chat about (invitations, hair/makeup, etc.) send me a PM!

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    Hi cinderella- thanks for the suggestions! I assume you had a Brooklyn wedding. Any suggestions on photographer and hair/ makeup. I saw your post about videographer too. Do you suggest getting a video? I never really considered it before.
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    Hi hbatch I got married in the city but I looked for vendors pretty much everywhere. ; ) I splurged a bit on hair and makeup because I didn't want to leave my house the day of.....I hired marjie bresciani and I have to say she was great and worth every penny. Just a tip....go a bit heavier on your eye makeup than u think u the end of the night you'll still look good. There are other options if you don't mind going to the makeup/hair artist. I never thought about video until I saw AJ Ingoglia. His videos were awesome....our trailer rocked! If u want to check it out go to We didn't want the cheesy videos that you'll never watch again. As for photos try ABCD Photos. They were my first choice but they were booked. Their work is pretty amazing and they're reasonable. I ended up hiring Dreamlife photos & videos. I was a bit on the fence since I didn't know who my photographer was going to be....but Sonny was awesome. Between video and photos we were just under 5k....right on target for our budget. I contacted so many photographers who were charging 4-5k for photos and all you would get we're prints. If you need any other help let me know....I'll be happy to help.
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    Btw....I would also check out Julian rubinick (I believe that's her name) or Gina Esposito. If I remember correctly they don't do albums but their prices aren't crazy and their pictures are awesome.
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    I would recommend all of my vendors but if you are thinking about video check out Kiss the Bride Films and for flowers check out Midtown Florist. I tried to stay local (Brooklyn) for the majority of my vendors. Happy Planning!
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