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"Destination" Wedding

Hey everyone, I want to get some opinions on a semi destination wedding.  I live in NYC and most of my family lives in Westchester.  However, my fiance's family is a little spread out, about half in Westchester and half in Rhode Island.  Also, his mom, aunt and my bridesmaids live in North Carolina.  I would love to have our wedding in Rhode Island.  I think it is so beautiful and classic there.  However, I don't want my wedding to be a burden on anyone.  The people from NC will be traveling regardless and they don't mind.  But I don't want to be a burden for everyone in NY.  What do you guys think?  For all of the New Yorkers it would only be like a 2.5 hr drive.  Also, I wasn't thinking of inviting children, but if it is sort of destination, should I invite children?  Am I overreacting, or would it be a hassle for guests?


Re: "Destination" Wedding

  • subdolasubdola member
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    So, just from my experience I'd say have it in Rhode Island, and yes, invite the kids.  We live in NY and pretty much all of our friends are here in NY.  My family is in Colorado, his is in Texas.  We got married in Vermont at my family's summer home, and invited children.  Most people made it into a little vacation and we planned a whole weekend of events (Friday BBQ, wedding Saturday, Brunch and gathering at the house on Sunday).  If it was too much of a hassle people just didn't come, but the people who are the closest, and most important to us made it out.   We figured anywhere we had it some people would have to travel and our location was special for us (I spent all my childhood summers there, J proposed there) and that made it an easy decision for us.

    Things will always be a hassle for someone, but your wedding should be in a place you love, and a 2 1/2 hour drive isn't really that far.  If it means a lot of your guests won't come, then perhaps re-think it, but people who love you will make the trip if they can.
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    If people have kids and they're young, they may not be able to come if you don't invite their kids. Going to your wedding is 2.5 hours away...they have to drive there, drink, and decide whether or not to get a hotel room. If they decide to not bring their kids, they have to get a sitter. Just something to think about...
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    Rhode Island is so pretty, and I'm guessing you'd get more bang-for-your-buck! 

    Disclaimer: Since I was a teen-ager and visited an inn overlooking the water in Newport, I always dreamed of a wedding there.  But, alas, budget constraints and school loans will never allow for such a fantasy coming true.

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