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Inviting Themselves

Ok, so we have made a wedding website, and we updated our facebook when we were engaged, and we put our engagement pictures up, etc. I have this facebook "friend" who I went to HS with and seriously like hardly ever talked to in HS and she keeps making comments like "I can't wait till your wedding" and "I can't wait to get my invite in the  mail" - and the other day I said something about my bridesmaids and she said "I want to be one of your bridesmaids!"

Other than being totally rude and blocking/deleting her - how in the world do I tactfully handle this situation?

She's not the only one - a lot of people have ASKED to be invited to the wedding/invited themselves - we've already made the guest list and we're WAY over the limit we set for ourselves - how do you tactfully handle this???
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