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Hi Everyone!

I recently got engaged to by best friend and we set a budget of $20,000 for our wedding. The guest list is around 100-125 people. We went to our first venue on Tuesday and I got very discouraged. We were told that the minimum for the room was 175 people but because we are having a winter wedding they would make an exception! Then we were told the cost per person was $150 plus tax and gratuity (20%) which comes out to a minimum of $19,500 just for food, cake and rental space.

Does anyone know of a great venue that is $100 or less per person in the NY/NJ area? Friends and family of ours have spent $60,000-$80,000 on their weddings and I just feel its outrageous. I can't see spending more than $20,000 for a wedding. Any more than that and I'd rather spend the money on a down payment for a house. Please help!

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    Having a winter wedding and choosing a Sunday saved us some money on the venue. I wouldn't look at venues in the city- check out some places in Long Island, some are reasonably priced.
    I'm getting married in Staten Island so I can only really recommend the places I've visited. I really liked the Old Bermuda Inn but we didn't have enough people for the ballroom. They have good reviews, and allow you to customize the menu. I would check them out.
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    you CAN find venues in the city on a budget. are you offering open bar? we saved by offering a limited open bar - beer/wine only, and we were still able to find some places around the $120 pp mark before tax/grat. We had the most luck looking at restaurants that had private event rooms. That said, our wedding is a lot smaller than yours so some of the places we looked at might not have been able to accomadate your crowd. 
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    Try less expensive venues  -  in Queens there's Jericho Terrace, Verdi's in Westbury, Roma View Catering in Queens (actually you'd get good pricing there and alot for the money).  They are on Cross Bay Blvd. in Queens, NY
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    The Northern New Jersey board is extremely active - the ladies there will be able to help you if you had specific neighborhoods you were interested in.

    As for NYC - I know a lot of girls get married and have their receptions at Bubby's in Brooklyn.
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    We are getting married at Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg for about $110/pp and that includes open bar. 
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    I would love to get married in NYC too, but the pricing just is crazy.  I am looking now in Jersey at restaurants and you can get so much more for your buck.
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    We're getting married in a few weeks and have a similar budget - we were able to keep things reasonalbe by booking a raw space and caterer, as opposed to an all in one venue.  It's more work, but then you know exactly what you are paying for - good luck!
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    You should look at Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn and The Bronx - should be able to find places for around $100 pp
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    It's tricky. Winter wedding will help you, so will having it on a Sunday at noonish. We want to do Sunday at 2pm, but that eliminates a lot because many of the venues will charge less if they can do another same day. Then there are some that do more than one at a time, and prices tend to be even better. (Swan Club in Long Island, for example -- which is very pretty and would prob be in your budget). It's all about figuring out what your priorities are. We are still trying for the 2pm start time, but are doing it dairy/fish/vegetarian because we can't afford to do kosher at the place we really like, and that is working in our favor. We still have a lovely sophisticated gourmet menu, just no meat. 
    Or try maybe ReBar in Brooklyn, or Bubby's as someone else mentioned (both of which I looked into but are slightly too small for us). If you're Jewish, some of the LI temples will be in your price range if they have exclusive contracts with specific caterers. And some are quite lovely (we still may opt for that -- haven't signed the contract yet).
  • <div>Hi! </div><div>
    </div><div>I've been searching for a Brooklyn Winery Bride :D</div><div>
    </div><div>If you don't mind me asking...what does the $110 p/p include? </div><div>
    </div><div>Did they charge you any additional fees, for example,  to rent out the place for the day? </div><div>
    </div>In Response to <a href="">Re: NYC Wedding on a budget!</a>:
    [QUOTE]We are getting married at Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg for about $110/pp and that includes open bar. 
    Posted by bitsy4[/QUOTE]
  • Try:

    Chart House

    This fine-dining chain is know for prime locations. In Weehawken, the Chart House sits on an isolated pier in the Hudson River with unhindered views of New York City's skyline and an outdoor dining deck. Seafood is simply steamed or prepared with island-influenced ingredients, such as coconut, ginger and macadamia nuts.

    1501 Harbor Blvd
    Weehawken, NJ 07086
    (201) 348-6628

    Golf Tips: New Jersey Restaurants Facing Manhattan |

    Do a different wine with every course, champagne toast and set up a cash bar.  Also, do a Sunday as it's cheaper and people do not tend to drink as much.  Good luck.
  • Hi I hope i am not too late, but I booked my wedding at Terrace on the Park but my wedding got cancelled, the pent house suite. It overlooks the city....The price was around 90-100. Hope this helps


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  • Hello ladies.  I got married last year and my reception was held in Astoria World Manor.  Their prices go from $50-$70.  You get to choose between buffet or sit in dinner.  It includes cocktail (off course), cake, favors (we chose champagne), small candles, and open bar.  The food was amazing and our family and friends loved it and also loved the liquor lol.  
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  • We just started planning for a wedding we are looking to host in about 6 months and visited Astoria World Manor and we were surprised by the value they seemed to offer, would love to know more about your experience there as the lower price point comparatively almost makes us nervous its too good to be true. Any tips appreciated on the place 
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    Fyi...Brooklyn Winery does not offer this pricing any longer.
    Closing this thread as it is very old. Feel free to start a new thread on the subject of you have questions or want to offer review our suggestions. Thanks
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