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Things that make you white trash.


Re: Things that make you white trash.

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    First, I don't think lurky is actually racist. She is, however, a bigot.

    Since OP's list was a total bust, here's what makes you trash:

    -- Marrying your unclebrothercousin
    -- Being seen on COPS
    -- Making more than one COPS appearance
    -- My family
    -- Putting your sofa in the yard. And using it.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:4e288ae4-eded-4a21-a528-0b97cdd91bc2Post:c3ac5058-c9f7-4641-84d9-f0ae6b950eda">Re: Things that make you white trash.</a>:
    [QUOTE]This thread disappeared from the main page.  What did she say to get banned?
    Posted by crfb87[/QUOTE]

    I noticed this too. Where are the powers that be who have all the answers?

    This picture made me think of trash.
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