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Wedding Party Needed?

Ok so we just set our wedding date and it's 3 months from now! My fiance and I live out of town from our families. The only family we have in the city we reside in are my parents. His parents and friends are in FL. My aunts, unlces and cousins are out of town also. Originally, we were going to have a large wedding party. However, at the time my brother was going to be the best man. Since then my fiance and brother have had a falling out. I don't think I should expect my fiance or brother to want to reconcile just to stay faced and resume. I know they would both do it for me but why fake it? I feel it would be easier to not have a wedding party- meaning no best man no maid of honor. Afterall, isn't the day about us....getting married? Do you have to have a wedding party?
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