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Questions From A Young (slightly) Overwhelmed Bride.

Hi all,

So I recently got engaged and while I've been trying to muddle through everything I can find online it's a bit overwhelming. There is ALOT of information and I don't really have any starting ground to work from. I was wondering if anyone could maybe help me with a couple of my questions.

I live in NYC so, technically, it's easy for me to find a dress. However, there are so many places to look that I don't know which is better (especially for finding more inexpensive dresses). If anyone knows anywhere in the city (all the buroughs except Staten Island, pelase) that would be a good place to look for an inexpensive wedding dress I would really appreciate it.

On that same note if there's a good place to find bridesmaid's dresses that information would be nice too.

Also, I don't really like wearing heels. Can anyone recommend a good place to shop for-- don't kill me-- flats that I could wear with my dress?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Questions From A Young (slightly) Overwhelmed Bride.

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    I think your best bet for inexpensive would be RK Bridal, just try not to go on the's crazy.  I would also try Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor, Alfred Angelo or the White Gown.  For bridesmaid's dresses I would definitely go to RK Bridal.  As for flats I would check out or  You should be able to find something there.  Good luck!
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    Thanks so much! I'll be sure to check those places out.
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    I suggest spending several weeks online looking at dresses before you start actually trying things on.  You may not have any idea what kind of dress you want, or what's available, and looking at lots of pictures first should help you narrow things down.  It also makes shopping easier, because if you can tell the dress shop at least some basic things -- sleeve type, neckline type, dress length, beading versus lace, etc. -- it makes it easier for them to pull dresses for you. 

    For shoes, I've found that has the best selection for weddings.
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    lotusbridal in brooklyn
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    I think you should just go to small boutiques on the Lower East side and try some dresses on.  I disagree about searching online for dresses.  You have to try them on to know if it's a fit (pun intended.)
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    Thanks everyone. I'll probably look around the LES because I work there.
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