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Who sits where?

We have family with children as bridesmaids and groomsmen.  For the reception is it ok to just have the bride/groom and both sets of parents?  If I include the bridal party I'm separting husbands/wives and children.

What does the group think?

Re: Who sits where?

  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    We sat with our parents and our WP/brothers and sisters sat with their friends/spouses/family at other tables.  I've never been in a WP when I had a SO, but I wouldn't like to be seperated from them for dinner.  I say let them sit with their families.  

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    "Head Tables" are unfortunately still really popular in my area. I've had to sit alone at a table with random people multiple times over the years when a boyfriend/guy I was the date of was in the wedding party and vice versa. It totally sucks.

    You are very thoughtful to seat everyone with their spouse and/or families. Smile
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    Instead of a traditional "head table," I'd either have all wedding party members seated together with their partners and children, or I'd have them seated among the other guests, again with partners and children, while you and your FI sit at a sweetheart table.  If you separate people who are not in the wedding party from partners who are in the wedding party, big fusses will be kicked up.
  • I think your plan sounds fine. Maybe you could even include your maid of honor and best man + their SOs? 
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  • We are having the bridal party sit with their families and we will be sitting eith our parents. I came to this decision because my FI and i have both been in weddings where the other had to awkwardly find a seat with strangers. One set of friends still calls me a wedding crasher because at their wedding their family kept calling me that since i didnt know anyone and my FI was at the head table! Lol
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  • We asked our WP what their feelings were on the matter. Head tables are very popular here, and we wanted our WP and their SOs to be comfortable. Surprisingly, the SOs were quite happy with a head table, and the SOs of the WP to sit at a table together, provided that they are introduced to one another prior to the wedding night, so that they know eachother. That being said, we didn't invite children, so I'd say let them sit with their children - I wouldn't want to stick one parent with the whole charge of supervising the kids.
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