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DJ lighting for Afternoon Wedding?

Hello All,

I am getting married at the Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island this summer. It is an early afternoon reception in the Persimmon and Trevi rooms. One DJ told us we should have some lighting for the dance floor and another told us there really is no need. Both of those rooms get lots of light during the day and we probably would not see the effect of the lighting. We are on a tight budget and were wondering if anyone has experienced an afternoon event there with a DJ and what do they think of the need for some lighting? It is at the Nicotra Ballroom


Re: DJ lighting for Afternoon Wedding?

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    It depends on you.  If you are dimming the lights, say for your first dance, then I would recommend a pin light to shine over you.

    If you are using natural light during the day, then you won't need any.  Remember, light gives an affect and atmosphere.  If daylight is what you are after, then no need.  If you want to create a mood or light the room in blue or pink or amber, then you can get smaller uplights to achieve this and it would add more interest to the room.

    I think the ballroom is pretty, and if you are not after any mood or effect lighting, then don't worry about it.  Do realize that the dance floor may be dark as the day goes on and that would affect some of the quality of video/photography.  If you want the room well lit, then let the venue know.

    Good luck!  Email me if you need more info.

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    I would say its unneeded
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