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XP: Wedding items for sale in NYC

Our wedding was earlier this month and it was beautiful! Now trying to reclaim our house- lots of items for cheap and available for pickup in NYC.

Card box. White birdcage with red fake rose petals and red ribbon- $10

8 fake white hydrangea bunches with short wired stems and moss green fabric for draping. Two pieces of fabric, each about 15 to 20 feet long. $10

Rustic cake platter- untreated but smooth on top. Very heavy, would prefer pickup. $15
Yellow votive candles and clear flower pot holders. About 72, most used and some unused. $30 for all or will consider other offers for smaller quantities. would prefer pickup due to glass.

Wish cards and insructions. I have at least 25 of each with extra envelopes.They are wish cards to be written by guests and opened by the bride and groom on 1st, 5th, and 10th anniversaries. My guests loved it! $20 for the whole set, including instructions

I have 13 satin willow green round tableclothes 120." Bought these of another bride and never used them! $6 each- shipping will be over $20 because they're heavy so definitely available for pickup!

Real dried flower petals, 5 cups each bag (4 bags)
Paypal is accepted, as is cash if picking up in person. Email if interested!
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