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After hours party wording!

Hi everyone,

I need massive help. I am getting married in 3 months and we need to order our invites asap. We are having our reception at a great hall, and after the reception we are going to have an after hours party (open bar and more snacks) in the same place, but upstairs in a cigar lounge. How can I write this for my reeption cards. This is a formal wedding, so I'd like to stick to formal and/or traditional writing.

Anyone have ideas? Thank you so much brides!

Re: After hours party wording!

  • You don't need to write anything about the after-party on the invitations.

    Simply spread the information by word of mouth. Just tell people something like, "After the reception, we're going to X. We'd love if you could make it for a bit!"

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  • I'm not putting information about our after party in our invites, but rather on our website.  The website will be on our save the dates and our invites.  I'm guessing that most people who see we have a website will go to it and  anyone who does not have internet (ie my grandparents and other elderly relatives) won't come to an after party anyways.

    Or, you can have your DJ/band make an announcement?
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