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Looking for NYC Bar suggestions for Bachelorette Party

Hi everyone.. I don't normally post here, but I thought maybe you all would have some better suggestions actually being from NYC, as opposed to my local Northern NJ board.

My sister is my MOH and reallky wants my input in picking a location for my bachelorette party.

We had decided on Hoboken, and narrowed it down to either 200 Lounge or Room 84 (leaning towards Room 84 because we liked the bottle service package better). We've never been to either place, so I'm only going by input here, and on Yelp.

I really want to go somewhere with good dance music, where I won't feel like the oldest person there (I'll be 33), with a good crowd on a Friday night in September, and somewhere that has a good bottle service package.

So now I'm wondering if we can find a better place to go in NYC. I really have no experience with any NYC bars. The only place I've ever really been like this, is 230 Fifth (went there for a friend's Bachelorette party). I really like that place, but don't want go to there because we were just there for her party, and I want mine to be different.

Does anybody have suggestions of places in NYC similar to 230 Fifth?
(I've also heard about Lip Sync, but I don't think that is our thing).

Re: Looking for NYC Bar suggestions for Bachelorette Party

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