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Replacement for the ring bearer pillow

  We are having a small, intimate, wedding with only about 50 guests in October. I am trying to think of a creative idea for our ring bearer. He will be 2 years and 4 months old for our wedding. Instead of carrying a pillow, does anyone have any fun, creative ideas that we could use for him to carry? We are planning on having an outdoor wedding at the beginning of October. Our colors are brown and burnt orange with hints of ivory and green.

Re: Replacement for the ring bearer pillow

  • a basket A tree branch with teh rings on twigsa pumkin with teh rings on teh stem
  • We are using my fiancee's grandfathers bible with a ribon tied around it.  Recently I saw a little boy with a book the couple had given him with the rings tied around it.  After the little boy got the rings to the altar the moh and best man took the rings off and told him he could sit down and read his book.  Entertainement and the "pillow" all in one!
  • mine isn't walking down the aisle and after considering stuffed animals, we are actually going with......a 12 inch Batman figurine.... :)  Yep.  He'll be sitting with his parents, and when the time comes he'll walk the rings up to us.  It is a small family/intimate friends wedding, and he will love it.  If he were to walk down the aisle, I probably would have gone with a stuffed monkey or kangaroo and given him the Batman after the fact.BTW - he's 4.  I'd go with a stuffed animal/teddy bear instead of a pillow for your age range.
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