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Accept room discount for HM?

I recently sent out the STDs for our wedding and one recipient messaged me on fb saying congratulations and then mentioned she looked at our wedding website and offered her timeshare in Orlando at a discounted price for our honeymoon. I normally would jump at this oportunity but she's a distant relative (I honestly don't remember her, my grandmother insisted we invite her) so I feel awkward accepting such a generous offer. But at the same time we're on a budget and a discounted room in a nice resort is mighty tempting.
My question is what would you wise women do in this situation?

Re: Accept room discount for HM?

  • If she offered it and you want it I would totally take her up on her offer
  • I'm not sure about strings being attached. I would think we're so distant that there wouldn't be a way to but at the same time I know next to nothing about her. I can't reach my mom or grandmother and without their help I don't even know how I'm related to her :/
  • That's how we afforded our honeymoon, a friend of the family gave us their timeshare in Hawaii.  I don't know how your relative's timeshare works, but our friend's was that they got x points a year and traded points for nights.  They had so many banked that there was no way in hell they could use them all.  Talk to your mom and / or grandmother, and see what they say.  I say, go for it and send a really nice thank you note and a knicknack from the area.
  • I would definietly ask your mom/ grandmother for advice.  But I am guess that this is going to be their gift to you, and like BK suggested it may be a situation where they are happy to use points they can't use. 
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  • I would take her up on it if it's somewhere you two would like to go for your honeymoon anyhow.  From what I understand about timeshares is very common to rent it out if you don't intend on using it that week anyhow. 

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  • As long as it doesn't come with any strings, and it's someplace you would like to actually go for your honeymood I'd totally take her up on it.  That is a very nice offer.  We are using one of my dad's cousin's time share weeks when we go to Mexico in March.
  • Thanks yall, after reading what yall had to say and talking to my mom about it FI and I decided to tell her thanks and requested more information about it. We're planning to go to Disney in Orlando so it's really perfect for us!
  • Check it out further.  I agree that if you feel there are string attached, don't accept her offer.  On the other hand, though, she did offer, and she wouldn't have offered if she did not want you to use it.
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