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in-laws who dont like me update!

So for those of you who read & commented on my very first post I just wanted to give you an update!

In 3 weeks things have made a 180 degree turn! For the better :)

FSIL just texted me today and asked me to do the music for her wedding!

Yesterday I had to take my FFIL to the ER while FI had to pull the jeep out of the ditch & I had to keep his whole family updated on every thing that was happening.

Everyone was super nice to me last night when I brought FFIL home from the ER and my FMIL gave me a hug and both thanked me a million times for helping out.

FI's youngest sister spends the night over with us constantly now.

Things are sooo much better for me, and well us! Thank you ladies so much for your help, and giving me the honest truth. Especially where I was least expecting it!

"Even on my weakest days, I get a little bit stronger."

Re: in-laws who dont like me update!

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