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HI - has anyone been to or had their wedding at the New York Botanical Garden? I am close to booking our wedding there but have some reservations: if it rains it ruins the uniqueness of enjoying the gardens; I don't like ballrooms and I'm wondering how the feeling of this one is; and is the dance floor too small for a wedding of 200-250 guests? I have not been able to visit the venue in person yet but any info is appreciated. Thank you!

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    I would really try to visit the venue before you book.  Check out reviews on  You may have some luck there.  If you need help with any vendors let me know.  Good luck!
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    I am getting married at the NY Botanical Gardens this September - I have never been there for a wedding but have been there several times since I booked the venue. My FI parents have been to 2 weddings there and they were in love.  The weather does play a big part, however there are other unique spaces indoors at the gardens -- the Conservatory is gorgeous: and its like being a in tropical paradise.  The library is also a gorgeous spot for pictures and is 100% indoors.  Of course the guests won't be able to fully enjoy the gardens if the weather is poor, but the setting in itself is amazing.  
    I also dislike ballrooms -- I was looking for a mansion or rustic feeling.  The Garden Terrace room does not feel like a ballroom -- it does not have gauty chairs or drapes.  The chandeliers and windows add a really nice touch (take a look at the virtual tour).  The cocktail space is amazing also.  
    Abigail Kirsch's food is just the best -- her presentation and innovation is amazing.
     I invited 285 and my FI parents were at a wedding with 250+ there and they said the dance floor and space was fine.  

    I would encourage you to visit if you can.
    Obviously I am a bit biased, but you can private email me any questions you have!
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    cjschnabel- do you mind if I ask how much is too book a wedding there.? and the min. guest # ?
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