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My fiance and I are from Long Island.  The majority of his family and most of our friends are also from our area.  We have chosen a venue that we are in love with that is about 30 minutes east of us in Eastern Long Island.  It is easy enough for us, his family and our friends to get to. 

That said, a lot of my family will be coming from NYC, as well as many of my family's friends.  The trip for them to our venue would be nearly two hours.  Many of these people are older, and I don't want these guests to say no because it's too hard for them to travel.  For this reason, we will be providing party buses from a location in NYC to transport guests out to our venue in Eastern LI. 

Do you think that by providing this transportation back and forth that our guests would be more inclined to come?  Thanks :)

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    absolutely! we're doing a similar thing for our wedding in westchester, with transportation back and forth from nyc w/a large shuttle bus. not only will it make it much easier on the guests and they will be appreciative of this, but it will ensure that they will likely arrive on time! good luck!
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    Really?  Nice!  Have you gotten a lot of positive response from people in NYC??

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    so far, so good! what did you decide?
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