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Several Invitaton Questions


I am working on my invitation wording and I have a few questions.

For the reception card, I have seen many samples where you write in the number of persons attending. Do you think this would be good to include? We are inviting children, so the invitations would be going to families. What was your wording?

The reception is in a different location than the ceremony, so I am including a reception card. What is the wording for that? Is it rude to say accommodation information at We sent out our website on the save the dates but people are still asking us so I wanted to include it on the reception card.

Also, do I need to include directions? I thought with most people having GPS, iPhones, and internet we might not have to. What is the etiquette here?

Lastly, when should the response deadline be? How far in advance?

Thank you!
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