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Guests wearing same color as bridesmaids?

Is this an issue? I'm heading to a wedding on Friday; the dress I was planning on wearing is red (and short, and summery), then I found out the bridesmaids are wearing red. Should I look for another option? I didn't know this was a thing. 
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Re: Guests wearing same color as bridesmaids?

  • I think you are fine. Just wear what you have and be happy.
  • If you were wearing the same dress, I'd suggest you re-think it.  But if it's not (which is what I'm assuming), you'll be fine.
  • NBD.  I actually wound up wearing a dress that was basically identical to the BM dresses to a friend's wedding, though, and the DOC kept herding me in line to be announced at the reception and stuff.  It was kind of funny, but that's it.  I wouldn't worry about it.
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  • I seriously doubt that it's the exact same style and color of red-- so go for it.
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  • is it the exact same shade of red and the exact same style? If not, don't worry about it too much.
  • I think it only matters if you were close enough to the wedding planning to have known what the colors were (more than a few days in advance).  If a sibling or girlfriend of a groomsman did it.. it would look intentional.  (Also, it would only matter if it was the same length/style and color of the dress, IMO... color of the dress by itself is ok).

    Since it is obviously not the case.. I say you are fine.  I pick out my dresses for weddings weeks in advance .. I wouldn't want to have to find something new last minute if I found out the a few days before about the BM dress color.
  • One of my friends bought a dress for my wedding that turned out to be very similar to my BM dresses: same length, same silhouette, but a different shade of blue and halter instead of v-neck.  She freaked when she found out and wanted to return it, but I told her I didn't care.  It looks great on her and this is the only dress she's ever voluntarily worn.  Unless the bride is overly image-conscious, I doubt she'll care.  Have fun!

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  • I don't think it matters at all.  My BMs are wearing short black dresses.  I can pretty much guarantee that at least one guest will be wearing a short black dress.  Some people have asked me what color the BMs are wearing so they don't wear it, and I've told them it doesn't matter.  Black is such a popular color, and I would never tell someone not to wear it.  Nowadays it seems like more and more brides are giving a color and letting their BMs pick what dress they want, so its kind of hard to rule and entire color out of guest's possible attire since you can't possibly guess what dress every BM will have picked. 

    Wear the dress you planned and don't worry about it.
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