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So looking into venues that are different like The Foundry, DUMBO Loft, etc. It doesn't have to be necessarily in NYC, but the general Brooklyn, Queens area would be ideal too. We are looking to stay out of Staten Island and NJ. The problem I am running into is that A: The venues are too small to accommodate the 200-220 guests for sit down dinner, or B: The venue is too expensive (i.e. The Foundry). Our budget is $40k for everything and not looking to go over that. Does anyone have any ideas for places similar to this that doesn't have ridiculous rental fees and can accommodate this many people? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Ceremony/Reception Help

  • Findind a venue for 200/250 people at $40K budget is going to be tough, especially if you're looking at venues like The Foundry.  Your best bet is to try the wedding venues - on Long Island (Jericho Turnpike) where they have more than one wedding at a time.  There's about 2-3 places in Bklyn that accomodate that size of a guestlist and they're definitely out of budget.

    - jericho terrace
    - fox hollow
    - north ritz club
    and the sort
  • Thanks for the list, but looked at those places and we do not like the reception halls. It is very not us and looking for something different.
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  • El Caribe Country Club, Dyker Beach Golf Course or the Riviera (all in Brooklyn). 
  • You might be able to look into some museums (hall of science, farm museum, etc) that are not banquet hall-ish but will still be able to hold a lot of people.
  • Have you looked into photo studios? They wont have required caterers so you have some flexibility on cost of food.
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    i saw your post and would like to help


    iam a budget wedding planner. i had my wedding in NYC for $6,000. and it was no rinky dink event! my wedding had 150 people. i had hors d'euvres, a 5 course dinner, drinks, musicians playing during the ceremony, a great dj, custom designed table linens and napkins, more flowers than i knew what to do with and our venue had panoramic views of the city. there was so much more! my wedding was over the top because, well im just an over the top girl! but ive done weddings for other brides for way less than $6000 (and no not in their back yard or some park) and it looked nothing less than a $27,000 wedding.


    i have alot of connections all over nyc and the east coast and get alot of things for either at cost or hugely discounted!


    if this is something that would interest you i can put together 3 venue portfolios that include EVERYTHING for way less than $40,000.


    looking forward to hearing from you





    [email protected]

  • @shearasuli - I could really use some suggestions on affordable flowers!.  Do you still have the name of the florist you used?

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