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Need a ring bearer pilllow for my Dog!

Can anyone reccomend a website to find a ring bearer pillow for my dog? Thanks!!

Re: Need a ring bearer pilllow for my Dog!

  • Please please reconsider this idea. A lot of folks are alergic to dogs, afraid of dogs ect. A lot of dogs wil not be able to control themselves in the loud crowd photo flash situation. This is a high high likelyhood of the dog barking and peeing on your wedding dress as best case senario
  • I love dogs.  I've had dogs as pets.  The operative word here is pets.It's not what you asked, but ditto ff:  dogs do not belong in weddings.  If you must include your pooch, have photos taken in all your wedding finery with your little furball.Some questions:  will your venue even allow a dog?  The church in which I work will NOT allow animals as part of the ceremony.Who will care for the dog before the wedding?  During the ceremony?  After the wedding?  Can the dog handle being in a crowd?  Is the dog good with strangers?  Does the dog bark at people it doesn't know?If the dog becomes noisy or nervous, will someone take it out of the ceremony?  Who will that be?Again:  not what you asked, but I'd definitely be giving the side eye to anyone who had a dog with a ring bearer pillow on it's bag.  Not to mention that it's really unkind to the dog.Live animals shouldn't be used as wedding props.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
  • FWIW I disagree with previous posters.  I considered having our dog in the wedding.  I checked with the venue and they would allow it.  I would not trust her to go down by herself so I would have had the junior bridesmaid walk her down.  Our dog is a HUGE part of our life and I felt she should be included on our special day.  We talked to our trainer and she said she would be willing to come to the wedding and take care of the dog during the ceremony and take her home after.  Since we are getting married outdoors if she went potty it wouldn't be a big deal and honestly if that's the worst thing that happens I would be okay with that.  Even though I thought it through completely and had a plan of action we decided we would just have her come early and be in the pictures.  My parents and FI's parents thought it would be wonderful for us to include her and his parents are very traditional.I think the biggest thing is to have a contingency plan for every possible thing that could happen. to the bottom of the page for the dog pillowsI also read a lot about it and went to the Nest pets page where a few of the ladies there gave me some things to think about since several of them had their dogs in their weddings.  Good luck!
  • i completely disagree with previous posters. DI and I are total pet-people, if it were possible, our cat would be in the wedding, too. we aren't into kids, so we arent having them in our bridal party. our 2 girl dogs are walking with the maids and our male is walking with the groomsmen. our dogs are very well behaved, i mean REALLY WELL BEHAVED low-energy dogs and i am certain they will not do anything destructive. after-all, the wedding is about you guys, so you should do what you want and what you feel represents you.if you google "ring bearer dog" lots of websites will come up.
  • I have to echo PPs.   Many people have dog allergies, fears or are just uncomfortable around pets - and some dogs may be extremely well behaved but get out of hand in a crowd.Please reconsider
  • I have no clue about the pillow,,,,,,,,however I was surprised that a lot of people say to not have your dog in the wedding.....of course everyone has an opinion, but I think it's a great idea! In the end do whatever you feel is's your wedding, and if someone doesn't like your dog then I guess they don't need to be invited lol
  • Remember, at a wedding, the dog shouldn't come before the guests. 
  • Try  I envy those who will be having their pets at the wedding.  I have  10lb chihuahua and I thought it'd be wonderful and special to have my dog as the ring bearer.  He has been such a special part of my life (even saved me from danger, once!) and I am sad that my FI is against it due to shedding reasons and I know he'll worry that people will think that we are "that kind of dog lover" to would include pets in weddings (which I think is a stupid reason).  I know a couple of people on his side aren't wild about my dog (due to their own personality problem), but if I could have my way, I'd just not have those people invited to my wedding. lolI'd totally include my dog if my FI weren't against it.  I think it'd doable if you thought it through and make appropriate arrangements.GL!
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  • I think it's a great idea.  I wanted to have my younger boxer in the ceremony, but since we're getting married in the church we couldn't. (Unfortunately, he also passed away last month.)  As far as people having allergies, anytime they're in a park or out on a walk/hike and someone has a dog they're exposed to the dander.  It's not as if the dog would be jumping on each guest.  You can always pass via word of mouth to guests that your dog will be briefly involved in the ceremony. I'd suggest, like pp, having someone escort the "ring bearer" down the aisle to keep him at ease.  Does he have a bow tie? :)
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  • Sorry!  I just saw it's a female.
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  • I can't give suggestions about a ring bearer pillow- but it is so great that your dog can be involved in your special day! I wish that our "canine daughter" could be part of our wedding, but we are getting married on a yacht, and none of the companies allow dogs (not even our super-adorable 9 lb shih tzu; she is hypoallergenic!). We are getting married out of state- but I may have our baby boarded at a doggy day care place near our wedding venue (as opposed to in our state) so we can check in on her during our wedding weekend. We really love our dog. We even miss her when she is gone for 1.5 hours getting groomed on our days off. I hope you find an adorable ring bearer pillow for your pup!
  • I'm sure you've already given thought to your dog's behavior, whether your venue accepts dogs, how to handle potty breaks, allergies, etc. All you asked for was a ringbearer pillow, so I don't see why you should have to justify having your dog in your wedding to all of us. My dog is our ringbearer!I'm actually not using a pillow for him, though there are definitely doggy ring pillows out there, as someone else has already linked to. I'm making him a black bow-tie collar with a secure clip to hold the rings.  I've never really been into the ring pillow thing, so this is my alternative and just another idea.
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