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S/O Ghost Stories

I love good ghost experience stories, and I haven't been on E in a while so I don't know when the last ghost stories thread was. Either way, tell me your stories.

For me, my most recent was at the apartment I live in now. For some reason, I can random feel like there's someone there. I was going to bed last week, and when I laid down, I felt it. It felt like there was someone standing about a foot away from my face. It didn't feel right. I couldn't see anything at all, but it really freaked me out, so I went out to the living room to tell FI. He came in to bed to 'protect' me, since I was all freaked out. But as soon as he turned out the lights, it felt like someone hit me really hard in the face with a pillow. It was like a really really strong focused gust of wind, kinda like those air cannons. I rolled over and told him, "It's still here". Since that night, if I go to bed first, I leave a night light on and all the dogs come with me. I haven't felt 'it' again since.

Over Christmas I got a phone call from my cousin who has a 1.5 year old little girl, telling me that while they were all celebrating together, they went to take her into the master bedroom for a nap, and she started screaming and pointing at the corner. She kept running out and saying, "Out! Out! Out!". But as soon as she left the room, she was fine. She did it like three times, then they stopped making her go in there.

I have some more from when I was younger too that are more interesting, but I think is long enough. Your turn.

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