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Can I please hear examples of a more difficult FMIL than mine RANT

So I've told you all about how my FMIL threatened to not attend the wedding because we didn't invite her great great cousins and then called my mother to cry her her about how unreasonable I was being. Well now like 9 days before the wedding she wants us to add two more people. These two people are cousins that I really enjoy but they declined the invitation and now decided that they want to come. It's not even the fact that they want to come, it's that FMIL knew full well we've already paid for the food and have just finished the seating arrangements which were hell. She has no regard for our wedding--she wants everything to go her way or she will throw a teenage fit.

She compains that we don't involve her and yet a while ago we asked her to help with the slideshow and she didn't have anything even started. Her responses was, "well you could have just done it yourselves"....(eye-roll)

How do I go about handling this? I'm sick of her walking all over us becuase people don't want to mess with her outbursts--and she's avoiding the discussions with me becuase she knows I won't back down.
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