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Dinner 4 Two scam or no?

I apologize, this is not an etiquette post but this board gets a lot of people on it ao I figured I would get a quick answer here! I just got a call from some woman saying my FI and I had entered and won a prize package from the local wedding show that was here a month or so ago. I was told we won 2 seats to a cooking demonstration at a local hotel and a second prize of one of the 3 options: 1. 2 wedding bands, any size, metal etc... Free 2. 3 days/2 nights all inclusive in any hotel in a resort chain, with locations in the u.s, and Mexico. Or 3. all inclusive 3day/2 night stay in a resort in Mexico the Bahamas or the Dominican republic. She explained that the demo was also for the cooking products used but we were in no way obligated to buy any to receive one of the three prizes, and there was also no timeshare gimmic. She didn't ask for any credit card information or anything, just wanted to know what demo time we wanted to go to. Of course I think it's entirely possible that this is a scam, so I'm a bit weary. I entered pretty much every contest at the bridal show, and I checked the shows website and Dinner 4 Two was there, so chances are I probably entered into a contest. I'm just wondering what you ladies think and if anyone else has gotten this call and gone and what happened? Thanks!
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Re: Dinner 4 Two scam or no?

  • I've heard that it's legitimate, but that you have to get through the hours-long hard sell in order to get the prize. I heard it's not worth it. I got this call too, after going to David's Bridal (I think it was them...), but I went shopping out of state with my mom and so can't pick up my "prize" anyway. I did research it online, though.
  • Omg, a lady called me about the exact same thing yesterday. It was weird because I attended the bridal show way back in January. I would be interested in reading the response to this.
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    We have something very similar here in Canada. Everyone wins "the prize" and it's very time consuming to receive (sit through incredibly long, high pressure cookwear demos, etc). Then when you get the vouchers they don't cover a lot of the fees, plus there are a lot of black out dates.

    Is it a scam? Technically not. Is it worth your time? Definitely not.
  • Yeah, this looks on par with the timeshare deal, just with kitchen supplies.  I can't comment on this particular company, but in general, they're usually annoying, high pressure pitches that aren't worth whatever they're giving away (which probably has a catch too),
  • In Response to Re:Dinner 4 Two scam or no?:[QUOTE]We have something very similar here in Canada. Everyone wins "the prize" and it's very time consuming to receive sit through incredibly long, high pressure cookwear demos, etc. Then when you get the vouchers they don't cover a lot of the fees, plus there are a lot of black out dates.Is it a scam? Technically not. Is it worth your time? Definitely not. Posted by achiduck[/QUOTE]

    Yeah I'm in Canada, to be honest I'd probably love the demo and would end up buying the cookware as I love to cook and love my kitchen toys. I just want to know if the other prizes are worth it
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  • I received the same call! All because Davids Bridal sells your info...UGH! It is a scam they do not cover everything there are so many fees its not worth wasting your time.
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  • For awhile a I was getting called with this exact same deal. My FI is out of state though in the military so then I was always told I was disqualified from coming since my FI couldn't. Ummm ok take me off the list and stop calling me then! The people always got really rude and abrupt once they found out he was out of state, and would suggest he flys in to attend this presentation. Ya, cause the military totally lets people off anytime they want and it would be work the $500 ticket... Anyways thats all I had to add to this! haha
  • I received the same call, about two weeks ago.  This is the third time I have "won" this type of prize, though this was a different company than the previous two.  They are BBB accredited, but the sales pitch part I don't like.  When you go on their site to view the cookware, there are no prices, which means high prices that I can't afford.  I don't go, since I don't want to hear the presentation.  I am assuming any prize worth winning should be just given to you, no strings attached.
  • I also "won" this prize after attending a Bridal Show.  I ignored it.
  • yellowrose, even if you do attend *DO NOT* buy the cookware. It is terrible quality and very very high-priced. If you buy it, get home and realize it's crap, they won't let you return it.

    Register for some really nice cookware, then use your completion discount to buy it if nobody gets it for you. Do not buy from this sales pitch, no matter what "health benefits" they claim it has, or how good they make it sound. It's terrible.
  • I won this prize too.  My FI and I went to the presentation about two weeks ago and they definitely do a hard sell of their cookware, knives, stemware, etc.  I wasn't there long..about an hour and a half but of course they don't give you prices until the end.  10pc cookware $2490, 7pc cookware $1990, set of steak knives $600 and so forth and so on.  I told my FI, "NO".  We were not about to buy that stuff.  I think they're able to suck a lot of people in with their payment plan options.  I was blown away with the amount of people signing up after the presentation was over.  They send you home with a certificate to send in for your free gifts whether you buy or not.  I have not done that part yet so, I don't know if there are any problems with that.  
  • I won this prize too, but it was through a different company.  FI and I happened to be "busy" each weekend, and the presentations were a 6 hour round trip drive for us lol! We didn't go, but the cruise offered made us change our honeymoon plans.
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    My FI and I went to the presentation. It's CRAZY expensive. I don't believe that anything can be as good as they made it seem.
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  • Hey OP! I got that call a couple of years ago (I've been engaged for a LONG time ... lol)

    Here's the story. We went. My fiance happens to work for one of their biggest competitors. We called them out on many things about their products and demo that were false. Sat through the whole thing. Laughed at him. Got the free trip voucher. Went home.

    The trip is legit, but there's lots of blackout dates, and you have to pay the applicable taxes, I think. I never used it. Think it may have expired. But it is fairly legit. Just don't buy their crap. It's...crap. lol.
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