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Need Ideas for A Spin on the Traditional Ceremony Entrance

So as I'm sure all of you know, there is this fabulously happy video spreading like wildfire right now which shows the happy, choreographed wedding entrance of a couple and their bridal party, set to the Chris Brown song 'Forever'.  While I do not want to copy something that was done so well already (besides, my fiance would never be down with such an entrance), I am trying to brainstorm ideas to make our entrance carry the same tone of happiness and festivity that this entrance creates.  It will be an outdoor sunset ceremony, performed by one of our friends.  While the event is formal and I like the idea of maintaining some of the traditions, I would like to personalize it and make it fun.  Ideas? Anyone?

Re: Need Ideas for A Spin on the Traditional Ceremony Entrance

  • I laughed at that video but in reality it shows that they veiw their ceremoney as a joke and it shoudl not be a joke and it not funny it is a serious significant commitment. What they did is laughably well it took all the gravitas out of the cermeoney and look at the bm ang gm faces half of them do not look happy they look alkward and miserable and uncomfortable. I view this as something you are very very very likely to look back on with embarasment and shame.
  • ditto pps.  There is a time for ceremony and THEN a time for celebration.Be as creative and silly on your entrance into your reception, which is the celebration.I would keep the entrance to the ceremony dignified and respectful of the huge step you're about to take.  Making it campy just competely, for me, would ruin the rest of your ceremony.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
  • You could always use a more contemporary song or something, but I agree that anything choreographed like that is only going to work for like 2% of people.
  • How about taking a fun song that is meaningful to you and your FI and asking your musicians to change it up a little bit?  I don't know what exact mood you're going for, but one of my friends asked his a cappella guy's group to sing an arrangement of "Higher and Higher".  It was sweet and meaningful to the couple.  Depending on what kind of music you're having, you could do the same thing with a string quartet, piano, whatever. Taking a "fun" song and doing it with different instrumentation almost always works.
  • I've seen the video you're referring to and I too LOVED it. It's exactly the tone I want my wedding to have -- there may 'be a time for ceremony and a time for celebration' but personally I'd like to consider my whole wedding day a celebration of our love. And our love doesn't fit inside the traditional "Wedding March" kind of wedding. Not everyone is the same -- and that's a great thing! The more traditional girls can use their more traditional wedding music and be happy in their big poufy dresses, and those of us who are less traditional can feel free to funk it up with fun music, quirky details and putting whatever mood YOU want into our weddings. It's YOUR wedding, Kellbell. Keep it that way. Are there songs or styles of music that you (or you and FI) just can't help dancing to in your undies around the house? I have a playlist called "sing along dance along" on my itunes, and that's where I'm pulling a lot of my wedding music from. NONE of it's traditional, but the songs all have meaning to me, and they are all the kind of songs that every time I hear them I think "Oh! I love this song!" and it makes me smile and happier -- and why NOT have even more reasons to smile and be happy on your wedding day? If a great rhythm adds a spring to your step on the way down the aisle, kudos!
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