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I'm curious, what are you all doing with your names after the wedding?

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    [QUOTE]I am hyphenating. I am Mexican-American and my FI is Chinese. If I changed my last name I am sure I would get some pretty stange looks if I walked in somewhere and they were expecting an Asian woman!  I love my last name and want to take his, its just easier this way
    Posted by fluffymunky[/QUOTE]

    I'm a white woman with a Chinese last name.  To mitigate confusion that might arise when looking for work or applying to graduate programs later down the road, I dropped my generic middle name, made my maiden name my new middle name and use his last name as my surname.  I figured if my whitebread, Old English maiden name precedes my new Chinese surname on paper , it gives a fair heads up to anyone who might mistake me to be ethnically Asian and call me in for an interview thinking they might be able to meet a quota.
  • Taking his. And legally changing my first name while I'm at it. I've never ever been called by my legal first name. Not even by my parents... So what's the point in keeping it? It's frequently mispronounced, which is annoying ... "Not only is that not what I consider my name, but you said it wrong" (not that I would phrase it that way to anyone). Cant wait for my new names!!!

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    [QUOTE]the comments of "i'm proud to take his name" somehow imply that those of us who keep are names are ashamed of our husbands names or that it somehow makes you a better wife or person because you are "proudly" taking your husbands name becuase its the "right thing to do as a good wife". 
    Posted by Calypso1977[/QUOTE]

    Get the chip off your shoulder. You're reading way too much into that.

    "I don't know guys, that's a really nice thing to have in your house. I have one similar saying written on the walls all over my quiet, neat, non-childproofed home. I have it in my brand new car as a decal on the window. I even wear it on a t-shirt for when I go out to dinner or hang out at a trendy bar or go on a relaxing vacation. "All because I use birth control." It still brings a tear to my eye..." SnarkyMcSnarkerson
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