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    sorry computer flipped in the middle of posting. didn't mean to post twice
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    I think it is how we express it that is different. I don't know that you can actually compare how much spouses love each other persay, it is how we show it and what we do for the other person. Love is not something that you can measure quantity of, at least not in my mind.
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    I would say equally but each in a different way, but that's not even true in my experience.  My fi and I have talked about this kind of thing since we have marriage counceling homework (thank you Catholic church).  We think that the love between two people is always changing, so sometimes it's equal, sometimes one person loves more, sometimes the other loves more.  It all depends on the communication, and how you express your love (and how you understand each other's way of expressing love).

    in the end, we agreed that it's not about who loves more or less, it's whether or not there is love.  If there is love, love can be nurtured and continue to grow and improve.
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    I think Stallmanj1 expressed that very well!

    I can't even say my own love for DH is the same all the time. Sometimes I love him more, sometimes less, sometimes just differently from the day before.
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