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Anyone own/use a web cam?

No, I'm not going to start making pregnant lady fetish porn, although it is tempting.

I'm thinking about getting one for myself & my parents for Christmas since they have really limited mobility and I want them to have the chance to see the baby when it comes.

What should I buy? Are there starter kits? I'm totally clueless. Do you need hardware and software, or is the software free? Are they even worth it?

Re: Anyone own/use a web cam?

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    I have one built into my laptop, so I'm no help there--most of the newer laptops have them right in them, so if they're planning to get a new computer now might be a good time.

    Anyway, when I travel for work FI and I use video GChat.  It's free, easy, and works pretty well.
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    Mine came pre-installed in my laptop. Check if you can. They'll give you the best info.
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    I think it depends on the brand, but usually you have to install the programs for it to work, and that all comes with the webcam.
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    My laptop is way old and doesn't have one built in, so I got one that plugs in through the USB.  It was prob less than $50, I think FI got it on Amazon.  It came with everything it needed.  I am sure that there are many more fancier and pricier types too.  FI and I video chat in gmail while he's away at school.  It's a life saver.
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    OK, so it doesn't sound too complicated, I just need to buy one thing? Thanks, I'll check Consumer Reports (I actually have a subscription).
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    I've used one to video-phone with FI when I've done internships far from home. It really is pretty great to be able to see someone when you're talking to them, and I think it would be wonderful for "introducing" the baby to the grandparents.

    My laptops have all had built-in cams, so I don't know about equipment. I would recommend checking out or for prodcut reviews.
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    Oooh ooh!!  I use Skype ALL the time with my family at home.  My laptop has a camera built in, so I'm not much help with it at all, but with Skype, you can call computer to phone, and computer to computer.  And you can send text messages and stuff.  Me love it.
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    My laptop also has one built in so I'm no help there. But I also use Skype to talk with my sister in South Korea. It's very easy to use, and FREE!
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