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My bridal party happens to live ALL over the country (New England, Cali and Atlanta), and I even have one in London now.  I'm orginially from New England and most of my friends live in Boston.  Everyone is trying to think of something fun to do for my Bachelorette party.  The idea for a destination Bachelorette party interests a lot of people, but the cost could be an issue for others.  Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do in a situation like this!!!!


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  • DandT1206DandT1206 member
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    when is the bridal party coming to town for the wedding?  what about doing it locally a few days before the wedding?  tough situation because you might not be able to make everyone happy due to location and budget issues. 
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    Are you having a bridal shower?  If you have a brunch bridal shower on a Saturday, maybe you can have your bachelorette party that evening.  That's what we did for a friend of mine who was in a similar situation.
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    ditto cknud. i went to a bridal shower in the afternoon where the wedding party just had a big sleepover that nice at the house of the woman who threw the shower. they had a blast. and i'm guessing that with people spread all over, you don't get to see everyone often, so they might be very happy to jsut hang out and do sleepover type stuff.
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