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Has anyone ever taken....


When I first started posting, I said that I was interested in getting the Essure. Well my appointment is Wednesday. Yay to no more bc in about 3 months!! My Dr. wants me to take a valium before I come into the office for the procedure. I asked him why and he said so that I am not anxious and calm. That makes sense to me. I asked how would feel and he just said calm.
I guess I am worried that I will feel "high". I hate the feeling I got when I took Tylenol with codeine when I had a root canal. I also can't even take the feeling of a "buzz" from alcohol.

Have any of you ever had it? Feelings about it?

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Re: Has anyone ever taken....

  • When I had my boob job, they gave me one beforehand and then a couple for the next few days. It really did just relax me. I took one before I went to Europe for the flight and it didn't do anything.
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  • It just made me very very calm and sleepy. I probably could have stubbed my toe and not cared. However, this valium was a script written for my (then) 300 lb boyfriend and I was (then) 180 lbs. My dr. asked if I had any before he wrote me a script and I told him my bf did, but he was much bigger. Doc didn't seem to care. WTG Campus clinic.
  • I've taken them and they didn't do jackshit.
  • Makes me sleepy. My dad has a prescription for it and gave me one the night before the wedding, because I knew I'd be too excited to sleep. Worked like a charm. I was sleepy, but didn't feel particularly loopy or high.
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  • I took one before a biopsy.  It didn't work fast enough for the biopsy, but I was loopy afterward.  FI especially thought I seemed high.

    It will impact everyone differently, though.
  • I took it for my laser eye surgery.   I don't remember feeling buzzed....just really really REALLY sleepy.  Like as soon as we got home I crashed HARD for like 4 hours.
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  • I have taken some and it mainly just relaxes me. If the dosage is high enough it does knock me out though.
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  • I take clonazepam, which is generic for Klonopin. It's a longer-lasting benzodiazepine than Xanax. I think I took Xanax before when panic attacks would happen, but the clonazepam on a regular basis works better for me.

    My dentist would give me 2 pills of Xanax before I came to see him - 1 for sleep the night before, 1 for the morning of my appointment. My Rx worked better for sleep, so he only does 1 now.
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  • My doctor gives me valium to help me sleep through jetlag on international business trips.  It will just make you feel sleepy and relaxed--you may even fall asleep. It is not a "high" or "buzzed" or dizzy feeling at all.  It is definitely not a scary drug to take; the effects are pretty well documented and consistent between users.

  • It's better to talk to your doctor. I've taken a few kinds of anxiety medication and each worked differently--some I was sleepy, some jittery, etc. I've been taking Ativan which I like....I get the same feeling as having one glass of wine. Just the perfect calm.
  • I'm in the minority here but the only time I took valium, for a dental procedure, I was wired.  I couldn't sit still and I was fidgety.  It was pretty bad.  But I also react the same to Benadryl. 
  • I took it before my lasik surgery, but I don't think they gave me much because I didn't feel a thing. I still sat there bouncing my leg before the surgery. I could have used another pill or two. :)

  • I haven't, but my dad did before some major dental work. He took it when they told him to, then passed out on the couch. When it was time for him to go (I was driving him) he got up and almost face planted into the carpet. I then had to guide him down all 6 flights of stairs at his apartment, into the car, and into the office.

    He wasn't like stones, but he was definitely calm and uncoordinated.
  • I've tried Ativan and Xanax for flying.  I just went to sleep.
  • I take Valium whenever I fly and occassionally for panic attacks.  I prefer it to other similar drugs that I've taken.  It just makes you relax...the higher the dose - the less normal funcitonality you retain.  If you're uncertain of how your body will react to the drug or if you tend to have a lower tolerance  - you might want a low-dose of Klonopin (as Missy  mentioned) instead of Valium.

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