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Business cards displayed at the wedding reception?


A friend of ours who has a fairly new cake business is going to do our wedding cake and she asked if she can tastefully put some business cards next to our cake.  She would design the business cards around our cake just for the event so that it blends in and doesn't look tacky.

My fiance and I don't really mind if there are business cards or not, but would it be poor form to have them?  Please let me know.  Our friend says she would understand if we said no so there's no pressure or anything, but we really don't mind.  Is this common at all?

Any suggestions?  I read somewhere that vendors shouldn't go on your programs either, so I can't figure out how we can work this in.


Re: Business cards displayed at the wedding reception?

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    I wouldn't do it.  It's not appropriate.  If someone asks, tell them who made it. 
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    If you have a wedding program, you could put a "Thank you to our friend and owner of CakePlace, Cakemaker, for making the delicious cake."  Less obvious than business cards, but still a nice thing to do if she's givng you a cake.

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    Ditto PPs.  People asked who made our cake after the reception.  If it's really good, people will ask for a referral.
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    That's weird.  It's not like a bridal show where people will never talk to you again.  I agree with pp if people want to know they will ask.  
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    I wouldn't. Like PPs said, if someone loves the cake, they can ask who made it.
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    This seems in poor taste. Just let her know you'll gladly give referrals or references. Since she's your friend and not just a vendor, I think giving a "thank you" in the program is also perfectly fine (just don't list her phone number or anything...people can ask or find it online I'm sure).
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    mkruparmkrupar member
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    Offer to give her a testimonial that she can use if other people ask for references. But no to the business cards. You can tell people when they ask who made the cake.
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    Mrs.B6302007Mrs.B6302007 member
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    I was handed a business card by a photographer at a friend's wedding b/c I was obvs 6.5 months pregnant.  She wanted to schedule a baby photo session.  I didn't appreciate being targeted at a reception and did not contact her. one, because of that and two, because we already had a friend who was doing a session for us.  However, if I had approached her, I would have been totally okay with her having cards in her pocket and getting one from her that way.  That being said, no, I don't think cards set out on the table is appropriate.  The taste of the cake is advertising itself. If people want her/his info, they can approach you or send you an email afterwards and get the name and number.
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    Ditto P.P.

    In the same line of thought, would you want a banner for your dj?Probably not.

    People will ask if it's good. I also like the program idea!
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    I went to a wedding where the DJ had a big banner advertising his business hanging in front of his table and he also made an announcement every 30 min about "if you like what you are hearing and need a DJ, I have flyers with my info up here".  It was extremely tacky and the B&G were not happy he did this (he didn't ask ahead of time and he ignored them when they asked him to stop).   Basically, seeing him advertise at a wedding just everyone NOT want to use him, ever.  Not to mention that they completely blasted him on every review site they could find, so I'm sure he lost more business than he ever would have gained by doing that.

    I'd hate to see your friend have that happen (although I highly doubt she'd be that tacky about it, but still, you never know what guests think about that).  I think you could have her take business cards and if anyone asks about it, she'd have them available.  She could also give a small stack with you to take home in case anyone mentions it to you after the wedding so that you have her contact info on hand.
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    I guess I'm the lone dissenter. I'd have no problem with having a few business cards next to the cake, esp for a friend trying to start up a new business.

    It's important to be supportive of my friend, and reallly, there's zero cost.  Anyone who wasn't in the market for a cake probably wouldn't even notice the cards, and who knows, another bride-to-be friend might give her some buisness!

    If you really don't want to let her put business cards out, how about a small sign while the cake's on display (even I'd take the sign away for the cake cutting!)
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    Wrkn925Wrkn925 member
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    Are you getting a super duper discount on the wedding cake?

    I would do it in exchange for a free wedding cake, but I would lay the business cards somewhere in sight, but not right square in front of it, kwim?

    But I don't think that would make her happy.
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    My take on this is unique because I am starting a cake business and making my own wedding cake.  I am also giving a friend her wedding cake soon as my wedding gift.  I think if you want to, to say thanks, go for it.  But if you have any hesitations, let them know how much you appreciate it and tell them to keep cards with them that night and if people ask you'll direct them over to her.  That's what I'm doing.  My mom will have some of my cards at my wedding, in case people ask, and I plan to have them at my friends.  But that way they're there immediately if people are interested (b/c they will forget if you give them a chance) but youre not overtly advertising.  You could also have the DJ announce who made it as part of a thank you before the cake cutting?  I'm proud of my cake and fully intend to have the DJ annouce I made it myself.
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    Maybe let her have some in case someone specifically asks for one.  But not leave them on the table.
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    Pinot's suggestion about a small thank you in your program, is perfectly acceptable, especially since it's a friend.
    Your friend can absolutely have business cards on their person to give out if people ask about the cake and want information on it.  But I wouldn't display them, or have them be handed out willy nilly.
    My sister and niece are making cake centerpieces, and I fully intend to thank them in my program, and also thank them when we explain to the guests at dessert time that they are all encouraged to cut into the cakes at their own table and also to go to everyone else's as well to enjoy a taste of each different cake and mingle.
    My sister has her own business and loves the free advertising this offers her, but she also understands that she's giving me & my FI, along with my niece, the cakes as our gifts (both shower & wedding). 
    If your friend is giving you the cake as their gift, then public thanks is enough.  If you're paying for the cake, even at a discount, then you've paid for it and a public thank you is also enough.

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    i like the idea of the thank you in the program, but honestly, i don't really have a problem with a few business cards on the cake table.  so long as they are not too too obvious.  those who are not interested, will not take one.  no biggie.
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    I wouldn't put them on the table.  Give her glowing reveiws on your married bio, thank her in the program, tell anyone who asks that she made the cake, and give her a testimonial to put in her own portfolio.  But no business cards on the table.
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    see i think its okay to advertise at your wedding lol. i would put the cards on the card table or the guestbook table though
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    Is the cake free?? If the cake is free, then I'd be ok with a few cards. If not, then no, if her cake is good enough people will ask who made it.
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    You didn't give enough information in our initial post - you said a friend is doing the cake for you - does that mean for free? If yes, then she can put her cards out. Tacky or not, if you're getting the cake free or for a significantly reduced cost, then yes, she should have her cards out.

    If no, and you're paying for the cake, than certainly you should say no.

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