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My sister is hosting our co-ed game day instead of a wedding shower.  The invitations clearly say, "in lieu of a wedding shower" so there is no confusion over whether or not our guests will feel obligated to bring a gift.  This continues to throw my mother for a loop and thinks we should put, "no gifts".  She just doesn't get what we are doing.  My sister asked me what we wanted, I suggested this idea and she loves it.  So we're all good then.

We are having it at a state park which does not allow alcohol.  The invitations do not imply that there is going to be any alcohol so I don't think we need to mention it and neither does my sister.  My mom does because she's worried someone will bring it.  Why can't we just politely tell them to put it back in the car and save it for the bachelor/ette party later?  I don't think it will even come up though.

My mom also wants to include that they should bring their own drinks and justifies this because they aren't bringing gifts.  WTH?  Why would we invite people to an outdoor party in the middle of the day, in the middle of august and NOT provide water and soda?  That's just weird.  How would we even go about wording that without people confusing it with bringing alcohol as their "drink" or "refreshements"?  I told my mom that I will just pick up a few cases of bottled water and some 2-liters and cups and asked my sister to please not listen to my mom. 

Normally she is on point with what is proper, but my sister and I think she is way off on this.  Right?
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