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Need Procession Help

My church coordinator is totally MIA (and has been for weeks) and I need to let the musicians know the line up plan for the church (and they won't be at the rehearsal).Here's my plan:-Mom comes into the church, coordintor checks in with musicians, they start Ave Maria, Mom walks down aisle-Inner doors are closed by coordinator. Bridesmaids, my father and I slip in (I hide on side). Coordinators open doors, music starts (OR does music start and then coordinators open doors)-Inner doors closed again by coordinator. My father and I line up behind doors, music starts, and doors open (or do doors open and then music starts)?Thanks so much!!!

Re: Need Procession Help

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    Hmmmm, I would let the music start for your proccession, allow the guest to stand ( doors closed), then after about 15-20 seconds open the doors and you start down the isle.  This way everyone's attention will be on you and you create a little drama.  
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