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School Bus transportation

does anyone know anywhere that does school bus transportation?
our ceremony is in brooklyn and reception in queens and we are toying with the idea of doing a school bus back and forth

Re: School Bus transportation

  • I found a listing of school bus companies I can send you (PM me your email address) - when I called them though I found they were more expensive than other bus companies like Academy (for big buses) or even Dial 7 (for smaller buses) so we just went with Academy. If it's warm weather, I've heard the grey line buses are good (and you can pack people in more)
  • i will try academy - thank you so much!
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    I think this is an adorable idea.  Just an fyi, make sure you're not going TOO far or everyone will get seasick!  We went to a wedding once and the bus transported us from Coney Island to Park Slope and we all got so carsick from the stop-go traffic on the antique bus, someone actually threw up as soon as we got off the bus.
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