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I have one question.

Holyshitonabiscuit.  I have been away all day looking at apartments and getting drunk so I am only maybe halfway through FFT, but I have a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION!

Did I at least WIN douchebag of the year?  Because, if I did, I really think I should get a trophy or something. 
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Re: I have one question.

  • You've won my heart, kikilegs. What more do you need??

  • Nothing else in the world manda <3

    Well, maybe a cookie and/or a beer.
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  • I could see how that would increase your happiness. Oh man! I forgot to eat ice cream tonight! Sadpandapants.
  • How do you FORGET to eat ice cream?  I assure you, this will never happen to me.
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  • Because I am a very, very lazy person and if I can't see it, I forget about it. I've been in the living room downstairs all night and the ice cream is upstairs in the kitchen. It's a Casa Panda tragedy. It's strawberry ice cream, too!
  • Looking for apartments sucks hard.

    And I am new and don't know a lot of the history but when I think douche I don't think of you first. Or probably even second or third.
  • That is tragic, manda :(

    Thanks, anna, I personally think it's hillllarious that I would be nominated for such an honor. 
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  • Manda, is there still snow everywhere in DC? I am scared to come back.

    Kiki, if it makes you feel better I got my first flames today.
  • Kiki, I don't know if you won for biggest douch, but you should win for most awesome sig photo.  Seriously, that one rawks.
  • anna, FWIW, I think those were about the stupidest flames ever- if I had been around I would have said so (but uh, I think 1400+ posts later, it would be silly).  Like, flaming someone because OTHER PEOPLE call them cute?  That doesn't even make SENSE.
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  • Anna there never was any snow in DC. Not even an inch. A dusting, that's all we had. Come on back, it's completely clear.
  • Thanks, drama.  I used to have a kitty one that said 'pew pew pew' and I was going to put it back up- but I found this one think it's approximately 1 billion times funnier.
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  • Manda, that is good to hear. FIs Aunt and Uncle in Falls Church is acting like they are entombed in the snow that has buried their house, but they are known to exaggerate a bit.

    Kiki, yeah it was weird. For the record, I had NO idea my sig pic was reminiscent of other peoples. And like others said, I too get uncomfortable about comments on my appearance. I mean, out of everything in my life what I look like is the thing I have had the least influence on.

  • And really, we all run around with wedding pics in our sigs and I'm pretty sure those are reminscent of... oh, say, everyone else's wedding pics!
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  • I didn't have any issue of the sig pics, just everyone fawning on you.  But honestly, it happens.  Don't let it bother you, keep on doing your thing and no one will speak of such things in the future. ;)
  • Kiki, from what I could see M&M took the douche poll down because people on SB said they thought it was mean. Last I had checked, you were tied with future-mrs, but since future-mrs and call-out creator are one and the same, when you add the votes for those two together, you came second.
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    Anna my flame wasn't directed at you per se, it was confusion over all of the fawning. And I did say I think you're a really sweet girl (I had actually begun to wonder because I hadn't seen you in a while). You're cute as a pixie, and so are 99% of the people around here. But I've never seen such an uproar over a poster before.

    It's all good. If it hurt your feelings I will retract my flame.

    ETA: Or am I doing it wrong?
  • Kiki, I love your new sig. Was the pew pew pew cat yours too?
  • mica- the pew pew pew cat was mine (well, not mine as in I made it, but...)

    emily-On one hand, I'm dismayed with being compared to the callout creator, on the other hand, I'm dismayed because I LOST.  I am competitive, I like to WIN!  lol
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  • Kiki - what happened to your old SN?  (I haven't been around much and must have missed something)
  • Honestly, Kiki, I thought you'd find it funny. 

    They took down the award and I don't know if you were in the lead when it was deleted. 

    Give up on FFT now. It doesn't get much better or really important.
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  • Did you find an apartment though? I hate moving, I vow to never do it again.
  • topcat, I think we did find an apartment- it was a hassle, but the place we're considering is fantastic.
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