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Low-Key Wedding with Amazing Food

Hi all,

I'm starting to plan my NYC (manhattan or brooklyn) wedding for fall 2012 (October, preferably) for 140ish guests.

I want to find a place that doesn't feel formal but that is, of course, special. I need the food to fabulous (I'm a chef). And I want people to dance. It'll be a Saturday night, and I'm fortunate not to be on a strict budget.

So...slightly funky, festive spaces with good food or flexibility around catering. Suggestions VERY much appreciated!


Re: Low-Key Wedding with Amazing Food

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    My husband and I got married at 91 Event Space and used their catering company.  The food at the wedding was awesome....people are still talking about the Filet Mignon and the lobster napoleon as the appetizer.  Check out my wedding bio....there are pictures as well as various vendor reviews that I used.  The maximum guests at 91 is 140....if you want a dance floor.  It's a blank space that you can make your own.  You can also check out Abigail Kirsch and the varios spaces that use this catering company for which I've seen some great reviews.   In Brooklyn, you can check out BacoDumbo (though their space is for only 120 guests), the DumboLoft, there's always the Botanical gardens, Brooklyn Winery, Bubby's Brooklyn, Prospect Park Picnic House, Skylight One Hanson, New Museum, Central Park Zoo.  Some of these have catering companies if they don't you can look at Acquolina Catering, Catering by Tocqueville, Chef & Company, Elegant Affairs Catering, and even Landmarc has its own catering.  We chose 91 because we loved the space and we had heard great things about their food (it really was awesome).  As for keeping things low-key, that really is up to you since you set the tone for your wedding.
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    i got married

     11-5-11 at dyker beach golf course food was amazing everyone was raving about it. service was great and it was a bonus that there are pretty places to take pics there since we werent into running all over to do a location shoot.

  • One and only caterer I would recommend is Creative Foods Catering

    I used them last year for my wedding and everything was fantastic. Their cost was fraction of any quotes I received from other caterers. The menu was filled with all upscale items such as Filet Mignon, Salmon, Crab Cakes etc.

    They allowed me to provide liquor (a big money saver!!) they provided bartenders and all other staff. You even choose the staff’s uniform!! We used a raw wedding venue in Manhattan for 150 guests.

    Their website is:


    I highly recommend!!

  • By the way, Creative Foods Catering had a service which was unbelievable! They offer tasting of the wedding menu complimentary for 75 guests or more. What is more amazing is that you could either go to their location or they will bring the tasting food to your house and serve you there. It is all free!!! Very flexible, and stress free service.
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